Contact Lens & Intraocular Lens Applications.

Mono-crystalline diamond tooling used in conjunction with ultraprecision, CNC machine tools are used to direct lathe specialty materials for contact lenses and intraocular lenses and/or mold inserts.
Direct Lathe Lens Materials: RGP, Hydrophobic, Hydrophilic Mold Materials: NiP (>10% P), CuNi, Al, CuZn, CuSn
K&Y Diamond manufactures insert type tools and shank type tools to fit standard tool holders for all ophthalmic machine tool manufacturers including: DAC International, Nanotech, Precitech/ Optiform, Precitech/Nanoform, CityCrown

K&Y Diamond’s state of the art manufacturing and metrology techniques provide unique capabilities for shaping diamond into complex shapes with unsurpassed accuracy.

FeatureK&Y Capability
Radius0.001mm to 600.0mm
Waviness<20nm P/V over 120°
Rake-35° - + 10°, ±0.5°
Front Clearance3° - 30°, Cylindrical or Conical
Cutting profileFull Radius, Split Radius, V-Tool, Flat, Elliptical, Custom Facet
Included angle/ Sweep10° Smallest included angle 180° maximum sweep
Shank MaterialInsert Type, Carbide, Steel

K&Y Diamond Re-Lap and Re-Cone Service

K&Y Diamond has internal capacity to re-lap over 400 tools per day. All tools sent to K&Y Diamond for repair undergo incoming inspection for excessive wear or damage. Customer’s are notified if a tool requires a re-cone or repair prior to service. Re-lapped tools are turned around in one day. Re-coned tools are turned around in 1-2 weeks. K&Y Diamond will repair tools from any manufacturer.