Experts in Industrial Visual Inspection
Instruments & Accessories

Ultra Precision Cutting Tools for
Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) Machining

Khush Enterprises

Authorized distributors
for Optical Instrumentation
and Accessories

Our Own Brand for
High Quality Industrial
Visual Inspection Instruments

Authorized distributors for Natural
Diamond Precision Tools for
Electro/IR Optics, IOL/Contact
Lenses Manufacturing

Khush Enterprises – is one of the leading distributors of Optical Instruments used in Manufacturing & Industries for Quality control & Visual inspection.

Our Firm is specializing in Visual Inspection Solutions for Quality Control we can offer complete range for Table Top Illuminated Magnifiers, Industrial Microscopes, Accessories, various types of Light Sources, Non destructive visual testing, Mounts, Fiber Optics Illuminations, UV Inspection & UV Curing Solutions, Machine Vision Cameras & Screen with Digital Visual Inspection Systems with large Field of View & High-Resolution Displays.


Customer Satisfaction is our Motto, We assure our best effort to serve our Customers.

Vision Statement

At Khush Enterprises, our vision is to be a respected partner to Engineering &
Industry for supporting Advanced Manufacturing & Critical to Quality Processes.

Mission Statement

Khush Enterprises will support close tolerance industrial systems in the field of
advanced manufacturing & emerging technologies. Our Aim is to understand &
provide solution to the many challenges of accuracy, precision, complexity &
timeline to the best of our ability.
We believe we are one of the many critical links in a long chain of events leading to a successful
project completion & we will do nothing less than our best to make that happen for our customers.

Our Valuable Customers


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