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Contour Fine Tooling B.V. is a pioneer and a global manufacturer of world-class application-oriented precision diamond tools used in the ultra-precision manufacturing of Ophthalmic lenses and Electro- Optical components used in the life sciences, semiconductor, automotive, defence and aerospace industries.
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K&Y is an ultra-precision diamond tool manufacturer recognized worldwide. K&Y combines over 50 years of expertise with cutting edge technology to provide its customers with high-end tools that rank among the most competitive on the market.shapes with unsurpassed placement accuracy.
                 IOL Lens                                Electro Optics                           Micro Milling
First Contact Polymer is a safe, easy-to-use strip coat cleaning system that removes dust, fingerprints, residues & contaminants from precision surfaces. FCP keeps precision optics safe from physical & chemical damage in use, storage, assembly, & shipping.
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We maintain the broadest product line in the remote visual inspection industry. That allows us to advise you on the right Rigid, Fiberoptic, or Video borescope for your specific inspection need.Quickly and easily inspect cooling holes inside turbine blades, cannulas, catheters.
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