Established in 1982, CONTOUR FINE TOOLING has grown to become the premier supplier of single crystal diamond tools around the world. Some of the services Contour can provide for you.
  • Cutting tools on solid shanks or inserts
  • Tool radius from 100mm radius down to 1.0 micron
  • Tools to machine non-ferrous materials, inferred optics, and steel with the assist of an ultrasonic tool post
  • Non-controlled waviness cutting edges
  • And controlled waviness cutting edges to 50nm or better over the full arc
  • Cutting edge arc up to 180 degrees
  • Milling Tools provided with a radius or cylindrical or custom forms (in CVD) are available from Contour
  • Single crystal natural and synthetic diamond and CVD pure diamond as a superior alternate to PCD diamond tools
  • Tool holders to fit your specific machine and application set up

Contour Fine Tooling Repair Services

  • Lap the top rake surface of the diamond tool to create a cutting edge that is equal to a new tool
  • Diamond re-radiussing can be done when needed, and we will always quote the cost of repair and ask for your approval before we proceed
  • Brazing service are available if and when a diamond becomes dislodged from the tool shank or inset base.
  • Free tool evaluation service is offered for when you may need specific information for a tool to evaluate a process or manufacturing issue.
  • Tools are always returned in a crush proof protective container with pertinent information needed to get the tool back in to production quickly

We know that diamond tools are an expensive and an important part of your business so we treat all tools with the care they deserve.