Industrial Video vision Inspection/RVI Bore Scope

We are happy to introduce the HD500 handheld portable video scope. The HD500 Video Bore scopes eliminate the need for thread-on tips. The HD500 video bore scopes have two cameras, allowing customers to easily switch from straight ahead to side view with the touch of a button. We are offering a modular design the host or probes are detachable and have different diameters. 4-way joystick articulation, 4-hour battery life (8.4V) combined with a compact, interchangeable insertion tubes, and a dual camera option .This system contain the new HD video camera with an IPS HD 5.2″ CPT and 1024*768 resolution. It has a dual lens and fiber optical light. The inspections can be viewed live and captured picture-to-picture simultaneously with videos, which can be captured onto the micro SD card. It is very helpful to check the status of tiny, dark, doodle, remark, water remark to describe where and what the flow inside materials.


Product Description

The HD500 Video Borescope features a diameter of 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 2.8mm, 3.9mm, 4mm, 5.9mm, 8mm, and different lengths. The Dual View technology eliminates the need for threaded tips. You can get a single scope with two independent cameras and toggle between views without removing the scope from the inspection. We are offering 4-way joystick articulation, image and video capture, 4-hour battery life (8.4V) combined with a compact, portable, and durable design. It easily displays and captures crystal-clear video and still images, and it does so using a lightweight and user-friendly compact design. It is widely used, can be used for Detection and diagnosis of engine cylinder, fuel engine, silencer, transmission systems, differential, water tanks, fuel tank, gearbox, coke, block, etc.

Product Specification

  • It is a modular design, the hosts or probes are detachable and have different diameters.
  • Newly designed articulation mechanism, jovial control, 360-degree direction
  • Compatible with 2mm, 2.4mm, 2.8mm, 3.9mm, 4.0mm, 5.8mm, and 6.0mm self-compatible with different probes.
  • Pixels of lenses: 160000/300000/1 million/2 million are self-compatible.
  • Type of lenses: front/side view, two in one, twin lines, short/far focus
  • Accessories: Probe inner clamp.
  • Back-mounted optical fiber light, 100000 LUX
  • Tip: the shorter, the better to get through narrow spaces.
  • Integrated design for better AOV, DOI, waterproof, and dustproof; no worry about the lens lasting or falling off.
  • optical fiber light
  • dual lenses dia 5.8mm/4mm
  • twin lenses with different DOFs.
  • 0mm 520,000 pix (4 ways direction, others 160000 pix)


Before and After bending Images

  • a screwdriver quickly fix’s articulation within 2 mins

Software specification

Picture in Picture

  • Dual lens can displayed simultaneously just figure, top the Icon for switch or hidden.
  • Front and side view both are mega pixels display on the monitor simultaneously, the real time, picture for flow inspection.
  •  twin lenses with short/long focus for narrow/wide space inspection quickly to get the flow and no waste time to change the lens.
  • One host working for different insertion tubes with different pixels.

Different sizes of lenses

File Manger

  • Reset file storage path, new folder create, Rename, Copy delete.
  • Touch control Key board with multi modes optional
  • Unlimited preset annotation as water mark in the picture, so it helps you find the inspection flow at the spot.
  • Double -Top to change the location of the watermark in the picture.

Example Pictures

  • Edit the picture: doodle ,remark, water remark to describe what or where the flow

Product Features

Lens2.0mm/2.4mm/2.8mm/3.9mm/6mm/8mm (customized)
Length1m/2m/3m/4m/5m/8m/10m (customized)
Pixels160,000 / 300,000 / 1million / 2million
FOA70 °/ 90 ° / 120 ° /140 °
DOF4~100mm / 5~150mm / 10~200mm / 15~∞
DisplayIPS HD 5.2″ CPT, Resolution : 1024*768
JoystickMechanical control,360° All directions.
LightBack-Mounted LED, Optical- Fiber Lighting 12000Lux, LED life span 30000hours
OSAndroid System
SoftwarePicture to picture ,Self-Adaptation for lens: Phots, Video preview, pic Frozen, zoom in/ out, rotate, edit, rename, doodle remark.
Work TimeBattery : 8.4V / 6800mAh LG