Industrial Visual Inspection System Options and Features

Industrial Visual Inspection System

Visual Inspection

Video Measurement Function (VMS Software) Video Measurement Function (VMS Software)
Multiple Measurement Tools Multiple Measurement Tools
Smart Edge Detection Smart Edge Detection
Intelligent Calibration with Zoom Option Intelligent Calibration with Zoom Option

Industrial HDMI Display for Visual Inspection

Industrial Visual Inspections Systems consists of macro or micro zoom inspection systems designed for assembly or quality control operations. These industrial grade quality system packages are equipped with a digital camera (complete with software) that allows the user to have free hand mobility while viewing the specimens on computer screen. These systems are available with a variety stands available for most industrial applications.
The Vision System is a revolutionary image processing system that delivers flexibility, reliability, and increased productivity. This crafted from high quality materials and components, designed for a myriad of detection and inspection applications.
These intelligent inspection systems come equipped with a camera or multiple cameras, and even video and lighting.

  • Vision systems are capable of measuring parts, verifying parts are in the correct position, and recognizing the shape of parts.
  • Also, vision systems can measure and sort parts at high speeds.
  • Computer software processes images captured during the process you are trying to assess to capture data.
  • The vision system can be intelligent enough to make decisions that impact the function you are trying to assess, often in a pass/fail capacity to trigger an operator to act.
  • These systems can be embedded into your lines to provide a constant stream of information
  • Sample images

    Captured by Visual Inspection System