Industrial Cleaning Video Borescope - KCB7821
  • 4.3″ LCD Display 450k Pixels
  • 1 Inch IP67 800mm camera probe with side spray.
  • 1000mm Length Semi rigid Probe.
  • 2 LED’s
  • 100psi compressor jet spray.
  • 250ml Liquid Bottle Capacity
  • SD Card for Image & Video Capture.
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery.
  • 3-5 Hours Backup.
  • Portable carry case.

Product Description

AV7821 Visual Inspecting Cleaning Borescope

This visual and cleaning borescope widely used in car evaporator cleaning, to clean small spaces and dead angles where inaccessible and hard to reach. With detergent used together it realizes NDT and cleaning easily and effeciently.


Handheld design, easy to carry and operate
9mm camera, flexible snake tube
Detachable 4.3” HD monitor
Micro HD camera, adjustable bright LED light