Magnifying Headset 2.5x with Interchangeable Lens

Magnifying Headset 1.5x-2x-2.5x-3.5x with Interchangeable Lens

1.Magnification: 1.5x,2x,2.5x,3.5x
2.Size: 190X 235X 45mm
3.Material: Acrylic lens, ABS headband
4.Head circumference: adjustable
5.Color: grey
6.Lens: Detachable
7.Light: No



Product Description

Magnifying Headset 2.5x with Interchangeable Lens

This Magnifying Headset 2.5x with Interchangeable Lens , that has 4 interchangeable optical lenses, so it has 4 different magnifications that can satisfy various demanding. Acrylic optical lens is durable. He can make your hand free. It applies to homes, offices, hospitals, schools, industry, etc. It is suitable for reading, repair, assembly, certification, drawing, fishing ect.


Commodity: headband, repair reading magnifying glasses
Magnification: 1.5X, 2X, 2.5X, 3.5X
Material: plastic, metal, acrylic optical lens
Size: about 248 * 200 * 50mm
Weight: About 357 g
Magnifier Glass es: 4 Interchangeable Acrylic Optical Lenses Magnifier
Magnifying Type: Jewelry Magnifier, Read Repair Magnifier, Free Hand Lupa
Applications for: homes, offices, dentists, animal doctors, cosmetologist ect
Material: Acrylic lens, ABS headband
Head circumference: adjustable
Color: grey


  • High quality Optical glass lenses interchangeable with different multiplication periods
  • You can get a clear view in wide view through two lenss two square glasses.
  • Strong and compact buckle on the head with a tape,
  • It can be easily adjusted to the size of the user’s head.
  • Really invent for use: it is not necessary that the user takes off his glasses and his hands move freely.
  • Increase visibility for accurate user inspection under a magnifying glass

Applications for:

  • Can be used for the production and processing of precise products, fine tooling.
  • For gardening and maintenance
  • Also for mini-circuits, equipment parts, camera,  computer verification and Suitable for dentists, animals and cosmetologists.
  • For processing jewelry, sewing, embroidery, stamp collection
  • For reading, drawing, needlework, fishing, hobbies, etc
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