Red First Contact Astronomy Starter Kit – RFCAST

The Red First Contact Combo Assortment kit is a good choice for customers requiring both spray and non-spray formula polymer such as for testing / evaluation, cleaning a 12″ telescope mirror to include the secondary, etc.

Red First Contact Starter Kit – RFCS

Red First Contact Starter Kit. This kit is an excellent choice when evaluating whether our spray formula or non-spray formula polymer will work best for your process and substrates.

Red First Contact Regular Kit – RFCR

An excellent choice for cleaning of many small, or a few medium sized substrates. The non-spray polymer can be poured on or applied with a pipette and spread.

Red First Contact InterMax Kit – RFCIM

The RFCIM includes:
16 x 29 ml bottles of Red First Contact Polymer
1 x 15 ml Applicator bottle
50 First Contact Polymer peel tabs
Sample of FCUF (floss) and FCNet (chemically inert mesh)