Our Advanced Florescence Microscope Range

Infinity Parallel Optical System Stereo Zoom Microscope with Florescence Attachment
Research Grade Advanced Epi Florescence Microscope with Full Apochromatic Objectives
  • Infinity Colour Corrected Optics,Trinocular Viewing Head
  • Wide Selection of Filters for GFP, DAPI TRITC, Texas Red, mCherry.
  • Ultrawide 23 FN Eyepei ce, High Definition Optical System
  • 4 Slot Filter Cubes Slider, Large Zoom Range from 8x to 80x
    1x Plan Apochromatic Objective,
  • Optional 0.3x / 0.5x / 2x Objective
  • Arc Lamp with Adjustments
  • Infinity Colour Corrected Optics, Trinocular Gemel Viewing Head.
  • Wide Selection of Filters for GFP, DAPI, TRITC, Texas Red, mCherry.
  • Ultrawide 25 FN Eyepeice, High Definition Optical System, 6 Slot Filter
    Cube Rotary Slider, Smooth XY Stage Movement, 4x / 10x / 20x / 40x /
    100x Objectives, Plan Apochromatic,
  • Optional SAPO Objectives, Optional Florite Objectives, OSRAM Arc Lamp with Adjustments
  • Optional DIC Silders & Prisms

Our Stereo Zoom Microscopes for Lab Dissection & Accessories

Greenough Stereo Zoom Microscopes Biological Lab Dissection Application
Complete Range of Accessories for all your Microscopy Needs
Cost Effective & Easy to Use, Standard 7x to 45x Zoom. wide variety of customization of stands, Illuminators, Compatible with a Variety of Light Sources & Accessories

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