Industrial HD Video Borescope – KAB05HD

Industrial HD Video Borescope - KAB05HD
  • 3.5″ LCD Display 1M Pixels
  • 6.0 mm Dia IP67 SS 2 Way Articulating Probe.
  • 1000mm Length Semi rigid Probe.
  • 6 LED’s
  • SD Card for Image & Video Capture.
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery.
  • 3-5 Hours Backup.
  • Portable carry case.

Product Description

Industrial HD Video Borescope – KAB05HD

This is a handheld bore scope, can realize real-time & non-destructive inspection of small spaces; widely used in the inspection fields of Automotive, Pipelines, Machinery & Equipment, Chemical etc.


High definition camera
Full-view LED screen
Digital signal
2-Way articulating industry snake tube
Φ6.0mm dia. camera 1,000,000 pixels.
With image rotation function
With photo capturing and video recording function
LED adjustable in 3 levels
Lithium battery