Premium Stereo Microscope 20x/40x

Economy Gem Stereo Microscope

Stereo Microscope Premium 20x/40x

These stereo microscopes offer multiple magnification settings. The base models provide 20X and 40X magnification powers that can be extended to the range from 5x to 60x, depending on your choice of optional eyepieces .

Product Description

Stereo Microscope Premium 20x/40x

Stereo Microscope Premium 20x/40x. A great cordless Stereo Microscope 20x/40x 45 Degree Inclined Binocular Head with Locked-in Eyepieces Sharp Stereo Erect Images over a Wide Field View. Two magnification settings: 20x & 40x Built-in rechargeable incident and transmitted LED illumination system.

  • Powered by wall-power
  • Adjustable Interpupillary Distance
  • Stereo Microscope¬† 20x/40x Built-in Incident (top) and Transmitted (bottom) Illumination System
  • High quality original true color, And Provide Better Images.
  • Accurate alignment, ensuring fatigue-free viewing for hours
  • GS CE approval electric apparatus
  • White/black plate and rubber eyeguards included.
  • Ocular-tube with adjustable diopter.
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