Stereo Microscope 20x/40x

LCD Mobile Phone Repair Microscope

Stereo-Microscope 20X
This is a cordless LED binocular ( LCD, Mobile Phone Repair Microscope ) Stereo Microscope 20X(LCD Mobile Phone Repair Microscope) with top and bottom lights. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, powered by either batteries or wall-power. It is portable and can be taken out to field sites. This microscope offers sharp clear stereo images, two magnification levels (20X & 40X), and the freedom from cords. It comes with a rechargeable illumination system that takes three rechargeable AA batteries (not included), and an AC adapter/charger.


Product Description

Stereo Microscope 20X(LCD Mobile Phone Repair Microscope)

Features of LCD Mobile Phone Repair Microscope:  A great cordless  Stereo Microscope 20X with top and bottom LED lights Powered by either batteries or wall-power. Convenient for being taken out for on-site applications. Built-in rechargeable incident and transmitted LED illumination system (AA batteries not included). 10-LED top light, 7-LED bottom light. Two magnification settings: 20X & 40X. 45 degree inclined binocular head with locked-in eyepieces. This Microscope is useful  for LCD Mobile phone repair, LCD Screen repair and PCB Inspections.

  • Adjustable inter-papillary distance
  • Sharp stereo erect images with wide field of view
  • High quality original true color
  • Ocular-tube with adjustable diopter
  • Accurate alignment, ensuring fatigue-free viewing for hours
  • Rugged metal frame and stand
  • Full optical glass elements
  • Precise ground glass lenses
  • All metal mechanical components
  • White/black plate and rubber eye-guards included.
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Product Features

Head45 degree inclined binocular
Eyepiece WF10X
Objectives2X, 4X
Diopter Adjustment+/-5dp
Interpupillary Distance2-3/16" - 2-15/16"(55-75mm)
Working Distance 2-1/8" (53mm)
Frosted Glass Objective Plate3-3/4" (95mm) in diameter
Illumination10-LED top light and 7-LED bottom light